Shop Signs.... Comprising the Awning Fascia, Shop Fascia, Walls, Under Awning, windows and others.
The most widely used back ground sheet is Aluminium Composite,
vinyl lettering and digital prints are be applied prior to installation.
Alternatively lettering & prints can be applied to any smooth surface on site.

Vinyl Lettering and Panels
Used for inside or outside windows, fascia's, wall signs etc.
3m 7725 and Avery 900 series are the best quality. (7 to 9 year on vertical surfaces)
Cheaper Polymeric vinyls are used for e.g. For Corflute "For Sale Signs" or when a shorter term sign is all
that is required.

Digital Images  
Logo's, Artwork, Photo's etc produced by our printer, are of excellent quality.
These can be used on windows, facias, sign & walls.
When printed on 180c vinyl film and laminated with 3m U.V. clear film they have the longest warranty
offered. 4 Years

Hand Painted Signs
Large hand painted signs on shop and factory walls are often far cheaper per square metre than fastening
sheet signs to a wall.
I did a lot of this work prior to Computer Cut Signs.

3 Dimensional Letters & Logos
Cut out of Acrylic, Metal, wood or Foam and adhered to the background to add some depth to your Name or

Logo's and objects can also be made from Fibreglass. (see Alvey Reel 1.5 metres in diameter that we made
for Alvey Reels Australia in 1998.
It  is mounted on the Fascia of Anglers Warehouse Tweed Heads.
The heavy line was wound on by the owner by turning the handles while on a ladder for a promotional
Another interesting job was a 3 dimensional tall ship with 3D fibreglass sails for the Ocean Clipper Motel
Sign. 2 metres long by 1,6 metres high. (see illuminated signs page)
Perry is 50mm foam, with acrylic face.
The smaller lettering is hand painted
Aluminium composite fascia (digital Print)
Yellow vinyl on windows
50mm Foam with Acrylic Face
We made this for Alvey Reels Australia in
1998, from our moulds made for this job.
Photo was taken before we made the
handles, shaft & drag nut.
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Tweed Coast Pottsville NSW
Mirror Acrylic on 40mm Foam
23 carat Gold Leaf on White
Beech Timber 30mm thick,
rounded edges ( by hand)
Aluminium composite fascia (digital Print
& vinyl lettering)
Hand painted
Aluminium composite, vinyl lettering
Photo taken on a wet day in february 2012 of Reel
& Sign made & installed in 1998 Background
paint  is Acrylic Lacquer. Reel is Fibreglass.
It is on a shaft and can turn.
Hand painted