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Illuminated Signs....
Comprising, under & above Awning, Fascia and Pylon  Signs. Also internal sign
boxes small or large.
Some of our Pylon Signs are 30 years old.
We weld our Sign Cabinets using 150mm, 200mm, & 250mm extrusion.
We also make custom boxes any shape including curves.
Traditional back lighting using fluorescent tubes or led's are installed by our
Signs are finished in Enamel or 2 pack with epoxy undercoat and last well in our
salty environment.
We will not use powder coating.

Sign Faces...
Clear or opal Acrylic, polycarbonate or Toughened Acrylic.
The Graphics on these faces are either Translucent Vinyl or Digitally Printed vinyl,
on the outside or the inside.
Or back sprayed Acrylic Lacquer, on the inside of clear Acrylic.
Translucent Films...3m & Avery are the best quality. (7 year on vertical surfaces)

Digital Images for Illuminated Signs
Logo's, Artwork, Photo's etc produced by our printer, are of excellent quality.
They are very durable with a U.V. Film Over Laminate on outside of Acrylic.
If they are applied to Clear Acrylic on the inside they are further protected by the
UV protection of the Acrylic.
Photo of Holiday Village sign is old, as
is the sign.
The Sign is very durable as it is all
back sprayed by hand, including the
blended back ground.
Fibre glass over foam 3 Dimensional
Tall Ship with 3D fibreglassed sails,
individually made and adhered.
2.4 metres by 1.8 metres & flood lit.
"Motel" is a back lit cabinet, acrylic
250 x 150 columns Epoxy
with 2 pack finish.
250 Alum box
Toughened Acrylic Faces.
Translucent Vinyl Graphics
Digitally printed Graphics on exterior
of opal acrylic faced light boxes
When lit, edges of waves lettering has a
subtle sparkle around perimeter.
"coral" is digital print, stripes vinyl,
background sprayed, all on inside of clear
acrylic. i.e. Face a glossy mirror finish.
Vacancy pink neon. (from another blotchy
old photo)
Standard under awning sign
Star is digitally printed, we have
made many under awing signs.
Illuminated fascia in Cairns
A combination of translucent vinyl stripes
& airbrush.
Back sprayed by hand (on back) of clear acrylic
BACK LIT (Not washed out)